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Telling a different story: how Rwandans are healing hatreds and reconciling after genocide.

The Graeme Clark Research Institute is pleased to present a free public lecture with Dr John Steward, who has lectured in agriculture and theology in Indonesia before spending twenty years with World Vision. His book arises from his experiences working with Rwandans following the 1994 genocide. Dr Steward is author of From Genocide to Generosity (2015), which explores inspiring stories of transformation from pain to purpose, and peace instead of violence, with hope replacing sorrow.

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Launch of the Churches of Christ Study Center 2016 

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Rikk Watts

Rikk Watts is Professor of New Testament at Regent College (Vancouver) and joined us for two days in February to deliver two lectures.

Public Lecture: "The Gospel of Mark and the Story that Changes Everything". In this lecture, Rikk explores the shortest and the first of the Gospels. While Mark has traditionally been viewed as the simplest and least sophisticated of the gospels, Rikk argues that the Gospel should be appreciated as a great literary text in its own right, and focuses on Mark's role in giving the Gentile and Jewish worlds their greatest ever story.

Academic Lecture: "God's Faithful Character: Unpacking the Relationship between the Old and New Testaments". How do we read the New Testament's use of the Old Testament, especially those passages that seem to disregard the context, treat Scripture atomistically, or allegorize it? Attempts to "save" the New Testament authors have contributed to a range of different strategies, but Rikk argues that we need to take a much more straightforward approach beginning with the central concern of the Scriptures themselves: the revelation of God's faithful saving character. (This lecture is directed towards faculty and students from the theological colleges.)

Rikk's first lecture: click here

A pdf of Rikk's second lecture: click here

His second lecture: click here

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GCRI lecture 1

Dr Aaron Chalmers

Wednesday, 25th March 2015

What can the Old Testament prophets tell us about today?

The Old Testament prophets are some of the most fascinating and challenging sections of Christian Scripture. They are full of strange symbolism, cryptic references, and arresting imagery. Throughout history various Church interpreters have sought to read them as coded descriptions of the present and predictions of the future. But how are we to understand these writings? How can they speak to Christians today? What, if anything, do they have to say about contemporary issues confronting the Church?

The lecture will be followed by the launch of Dr Chalmers' new book, Interpreting the Prophets (SPCK and IVP, 2015).

Aaron Chalmers is the Head of the School of Ministry, Theology, and Culture at Tabor, and lectures in the fields of Old Testament and biblical interpretation. He is passionate about helping Christians engage with the Hebrew Scriptures. He is the author of Exploring the Religion of Ancient Israel (SPCK and IVP, 2012).

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Dr Sam Hey  Dr Sam Hey

Tuesday, 3rd February 2015

Barry Chant Lecture Series: The Australian Mega-Church: Marketing machines or messengers from God?

The growth of mega churches - loved by some, derided by others - has been one of more significant changes in Christianity and the church in the last 100 years. In this presentation Dr Sam Hey examines reasons for mega church growth and change and lessons that can be learnt from this phenomenon. Dr Hey will investigate ways in which the concentration of mega church resources has the potential to revitalize Christianity, and form schools, colleges, music, welfare and other resources that support Christian mission, and explore ways in which Australian mega churches are interacting with the major social changes of our time.

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2014 Seminars and Presentations


cherithnordling 140

Cherith Fee Nordling

Tuesday, 24th June 2014

Barry Chant Lecture Series: Pentecostal Theology and the Mission of the Triune God

Without question, Pentecostal theology of the Spirit has uniquely gifted and influenced the life and mission of the Church worldwide. While celebrating this good gift, reflection on the need for a more robust Incarnational Pentecostalism is also appropriate—one that better accounts for Jesus' Spirit-filled life and his resurrected, ascended reign as our new Adam. Prof Nordling lecture outlined the implications of this theology for the church's call to participate in Jesus' mission of new creation with the Father and the Spirit, as participants in the Triune life of God.

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bible society

Adrian Blenkinsop

18th June 2014

This workshop used Adrian's extensive research into the Bible and Gen Z which offered practical ways forward to engage youth with the unfolding story of God. A number of practitioners gave their insists on the success they have had with engaging Gen Z with the bible.

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Rick Lewis 

Dr Rick Lewis

February 3 - 7 2014  

Dr Rick Lewis presented 3 exclusive lectures at Tabor.

Rick is a practitioner of mentoring, serving around 50 senior Christian leaders in Australia, the UK and South-east Asia. For 30 years he was a local church pastor, all the while devoting some time to mentoring, consulting with churches, and training. Since 2011 he has worked full-time as an itinerant mentor, consultant, conference speaker and visiting lecturer.

Rick presented on practical models of spiritual mentoring that can guide both those offering mentoring and those receiving it.

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Day 1 - Video 1
Day 2 - Video 2
Day 3 - Video 3



 Previous Seminars and Presentations


Monday 16th April 2012

Dr Stephen Barton (Duraham, UK).

The first casualty of culture wars tends to be honest analysis and reasoned reflection; this is certainly true in discussions over the church's response to marriage and family. Dr Barton, author of Discipleship and Family Ties in Mark and Matthew and Life Together: Essays on Family, Sexuality and Community in the New Testament and Today, will help us consider how we read Scripture and think theologically on one of the most important ministry issues of our time: marriage and family.

Monday 21st May 2012

Dr Scot McKnight ( North Park USA)

Author of "The King Jesus Gospel" (2011), Scot will be challenging us to look at the gospel in the same way that Jesus and the early church did: as a call to follow Jesus the King.

Audio files to Scott McKnight's talk are here:

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3


Thursday & Friday 28-29th June 2012

Dr John Goldingay (Fuller, USA)

In a workshop setting, John will walk us through the interpretative issues involved in moving from studying the OT as literature to preaching the OT as God's word to us. Outcome: 4 great new sermons!

Watch Dr John Goldingays talk here:

John Goldingay Part 1
John Goldingay Part 2a
John Goldingay Part 2b

Audio files to Dr John Goldingay's talk are here:

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9


Saturday 4th August 2012

Dr David Baer

Led by an OT Scholar with a particular interest in drawing out the importance of the Psalms, this one-day retreat will give you the opportunity to better ground your worship in the Bible's Prayer book – the Psalms.


Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Dr Ian Jagelman

BARRY CHANT LECTURE SERIES - The Love of Learning and the Desire for God

Listen to Dr Ian Jagelman's talk here.

PDF presentation of the talk can be downloaded here (right click and save as).

Wednesday 31st October 2012

Dr Aaron Chalmers

TABOR PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES - What can Archaeology Tell Us About the Religion of Ancient Israel?

Watch Dr Aaron Chalmers talk here.

Listen to the audio of Dr Aaron Chalmers talk here.

Powerpoint presentation of the talk can be downloaded here (right click and save as).


 Tony Campolo1

Friday 14th June 2013

Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo, from Eastern University and world renowned speaker spoke to four hundred people at the City Salvos.

During his presentation he shared stories and opened up the beatitudes to inspire followers of Christ to live a prophetic, radical, surrendered life and addressed the challenges of living these out in our modern world. In
doing so he was not afraid to admit his own failings and struggles. He spoke of how, every morning, he focuses on Jesus and throughout each day tries to turn faith into action and make a difference in the world.

If you missed out on attending, please click here to listen to his presentation.




Friday 26th July 2013

Rev Prof David Wilkinson

From Dawkins to Hitchens, the new atheists present both a challenge and opportunity for the Christian faith. David Wilkinson will review the main attacks, develop how Christian apologetics can not only respond but regain the initiative, and suggest practical ideas for pastors to enable and equip local churches. David is the Principal of St John's College, Durham University. Before joining Durham he completed a PhD in theoretical astrophysics and is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. He has had a long interest in the dialogue of science and religion, especially as it impacts the physical sciences, and his current work involves the relationship of Christian theology to contemporary culture and its implications for reaching, missiology and apologetics.

PDF presentation of the talk (Part 1) - click here

PDF presentation of the talk (Part 2 First Half) - click here

PDF presentation of the talk (Part 2 Second Half) - click here

Lecture notes - click here

Tony Campolo1

Friday 14 June 2013

Tony Campolo

Has the Church lost its prophetic voice?

Tony Campolo, from Eastern University and world renowned speaker, spoke to four hundred people at the City Salvos. Throughout the day people were left in no doubt as to his passion, ability to confront the real issues and sense of humor. He shared stories and opened up the Beatitudes to inspire followers of Christ to live a prophetic, radical, surrendered life. Mr Campolo addressed the challenges of living these out in our modern world.  In doing so he was not afraid to admit his own failings and struggles.  He spoke of how, every morning, he focuses on Jesus and throughout each day tries to turn faith into action and make a difference in the world.

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