Fees and Costs

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Fees and Costs

As an international student you will pay an annual tuition fee.

Fee information is available here.

Other Costs

Some of your study costs are not covered by tuition fees, for example:

Visa fees

The cost of gaining your student visa is not covered by your tuition fees. For the purpose of issuing visas, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has organised countries based on assessment levels. We recommend you consult the DIBP website to find out the assessment level of your home country and follow the prescribed procedure for that assessment level.

You must stay at Tabor for the first 6 months of your study, unless DIBP or Tabor gives you permission to transfer to another institution.

For more detailed information about your visa, refer to the Student section of the DIBP website and for information about visas for your spouse or family visit DIBP's website.

Overseas Student Health Cover

OSHC covers all fees in public hospitals, emergency ambulance services, and up to 85% of most medical services outside hospitals (excluding dentistry and physiotherapy).

The cost of OSHC is not covered by your tuition fees. It is up to you to arrange OSHC and supply evidence of membership for the duration of your study to Tabor. Tabor recommends AHM for OSHC but you are free to choose any supplier of OSHC you prefer. Click here to go to the AHM website.

Course related

This includes course materials, field trips, lecture notes, stationery and text books. The cost of textbooks can range from $100 to $500 depending on the course, but many books can be bought second hand.