What can I study?

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What can I study?

As an international student you can now study with Tabor in Adelaide or Perth.

The following courses are available for you study:


Humanities and Social Sciences

Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling)

Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Youth Work)

Bachelor of Arts

Graduate Certificate in Counselling

Graduate Diploma in Counselling

Master of Arts (Research)

Master of Counselling Practice


Ministry, Theology and Culture

Bachelor of Intercultural Studies

Bachelor of Ministry

Bachelor of Theology

Diploma in Intercultural Studies

Diploma in Theology

Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Philosophy (Theology)

Graduate Diploma in Divinity

Graduate Diploma in Ministry

Master of Divinity

Master of Ministry

Master of Theology


PLEASE NOTE: Not all courses are available at our Perth campus. Please contact us for further information.