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School of Ministry, Theology & Culture Overview

Welcome to the Ministry, Theology, and Culture website

The School of Ministry, Theology and Culture is a place where Christians can explore their faith and their
vocation in a dynamic environment that encourages an honest conversation between the scriptures, the church and our global cultures. Through this conversation, students gain the skills to be active and informed participants in the real conversations of life, are able to wrestle with the complex opportunities that will be a part of their vocations, and contribute in new ways to the old questions that have stalemated the conversation between Christians and
their neighbours.

Our subjects challenge students to explore their Christian faith, to grow in their Christian life and to prepare for a life of service wherever God calls them - whether that call be to the Market Place, the Church or the Academy.

Our programs are flexible so that anyone, no matter their schedule, will find a convenient way to study with us. You can study on campus or through our online program, part-time or full-time, in the evenings, during the day, or through week-long intensives. Our teaching faculty is well educated, ministry experienced, passionate about their areas of study and committed to ensuring that each subject is theologically rich, ministry practical and culturally relevant.
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God Bless,

Dr Aaron Chalmers
Head of School
Ministry,theology and culture

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    THEOLOGICON: A Christian Pop-Culture Conference Saturday, 11 November 2017   When we say 'pop-culture', what comes to mind? The Star Wars franchise? The seemingly never-ending stream of superhero, and then re-booted superhero movies? TV shows like The Walking Dead and Lost? Novel ...