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Philosophical Underpinnings

Mission, Vision and Values

Vision – What we see:

We see Tabor as a Christian Tertiary Institute recognised globally for its excellent scholarship and passionate commitment to faith, knowledge and God’s mission in the world.

Mission – What we do:

We sustain high quality, tertiary education through a supportive, multidisciplinary and accessible Christian learning community which nurtures academic excellence, professional competence and dedicated service to local and global communities.

Values – Our Faith Values:

Tabor is a multidenominational College which upholds Christian orthodoxy as expressed in the Nicene Creed. We value and respect the vitality of Pentecostal and Charismatic expressions of faith, the biblical focus of Evangelical Christians and the distilled learning of the wider Church. Our community life is shaped by the following theological emphases:

Christ-centred: Jesus Christ is the centre of our faith. His life and teaching, death, resurrection and ascension declare him to be Lord and Saviour and most fully reveal to us the nature and purpose of God.

Spiritually empowered: We look to the empowering presence of God the Holy Spirit to renew, direct and shape our individual lives and the corporate life of the Tabor learning community.

Trinitarian community: The Christian experience of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit enriches our community with the self-giving love of the Triune God.

Biblically based: We look to the Bible as the inspired word of God, true and reliable in all that it affirms and authoritative for matters of Christian faith, life and ministry.

Respect and care for the individual: We affirm that every individual is created in the image of God and therefore has a God-given worth and dignity which demand our respect and care.

Worship as foundational: We affirm corporate worship as a joy and a service we owe to ourselves and each other as we seek to uphold and nurture the shared faith that underpins our learning community.

The priority of God’s mission: The love of Christ compels us to be active in both evangelism and social concern; together, these express the power of the gospel to overcome evil with grace.

The reality of hope: The resurrection of Jesus, the gift of the Spirit, and the community of the Church collectively fill us with the hope of a renewed Creation and an unhindered relationship with God. We live in faith and love now because we are a people of hope.

Faculty Information

Tabor College and all our staff believe in the infinite worth and the infinite potential of every single person. This is both why we teach, and what we teach.

For this reason, all of our subjects have a focus on empowering communities – both locally and globally. Amongst this, we offer a terrific range of studying options with subject opportunities from Diplomas through to Bachelors and even postgraduate and Masters subjects. All our courses are internationally-recognised, and accredited by the same bodies which audit the major universities.

You’ll find that most of our course information is available online. Thanks for checking out our website, we hope we can assist you as you journey to walk humbly, act justly and love mercy – in life, career and in ministry.

 Tabor offers a unique blend of benefits. These include:

  • Relevant tertiary education in the context of a Christian worldview and an atmosphere of grace
  • The support and encouragement of a diverse and caring multidenominational Christian community
  • Integrated academic, spiritual and practical education and training – a balance of “head, heart and hand”
  • Recognised quality – National accreditation and registration and Commonwealth Higher Education Provider status
  • A Christ-centered approach to all aspects of life and work
  • Opportunity to explore and develop personal faith and grow in relationship with the Lord
  • Assistance to discover and develop spiritual gifts and natural abilities
  • Unity in diversity, with a rich mix of denominational traditions
  • A range of disciplines – Theology, Ministry, Intercultural Studies, Education, Counselling and Youth Work, Creative Writing, and Music.
  • A wide variety of accredited courses from Diploma to Masters level
  • Flexible diplomas, associate degrees, bachelor degrees and postgraduate courses, with an external studies option for those who cannot attend sessions
  • Day and evening sessions and intensives
  • Access to Austudy, Abstudy and Youth Allowance for eligible students.
  • Very attractive higher education study arrangements – tuition costs can be deferred through FEE-HELP
  • Commonwealth supported places with a HECS-HELP option for a number of teacher education students
  • A community of approximately 1000 students
  • A great location – only 3 km from the Adelaide GPO on a main arterial route and situated in a pleasant residential area, with reasonably priced accommodation available nearby
  • A great venue – beautiful grounds and stately heritage buildings

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Philosophical Underpinnings

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