Why Choose Tabor

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Why Choose Tabor

Tabor offers a unique blend of benefits.

These include:


  • Relevant tertiary education in the context of a Christian worldview and an atmosphere of grace
  • The support and encouragement of a diverse and caring multidenominational Christian community
  • Integrated academic, spiritual and practical education and training - a balance of "head, heart and hand"
  • Recognised quality – National accreditation and registration and Commonwealth Higher Education Provider status
  • A Christ-centered approach to all aspects of life and work
  • Opportunity to explore and develop personal faith and grow in relationship with the Lord
  • Assistance to discover and develop spiritual gifts and natural abilities
  • Unity in diversity, with a rich mix of denominational traditions
  • A range of disciplines - Theology, Ministry, Intercultural Studies, Education, Counselling and Youth Work, as well as a Bachelor of Arts program with majors in Creative Writing, English, Philosophy, Music and History.
  • A wide variety of accredited biblically based courses from certificate to doctoral level
  • Flexible certificates, diplomas, associate degrees, bachelor degrees and postgraduate courses, with an external studies option for those who cannot attend sessions
  • Day and evening sessions and intensives
  • Access to Austudy, Abstudy and Youth Allowance for eligible students.
  • Very attractive higher education study arrangements - tuition costs can be deferred through FEE-HELP
  • Commonwealth supported places with a HECS-HELP option for a number of teacher education students
  • A community of approximately 1000 students
  • A great location - only 3 km from the Adelaide GPO on a main arterial route and situated in a pleasant residential area, with reasonably priced accommodation available nearby
  • A great venue - beautiful grounds and stately heritage buildings