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Class of 2019 Graduates

Article - 13 May 2020

Our heartfelt congratulations to all our Tabor graduates!

Although we couldn’t have a formal graduation this year, we celebrate your achievement and know this will be the first of many proud, successful moments for you.

The courses and names of all the graduates are listed below.


Diploma in Education Studies
Chloe Pay

Bachelor of Education (Primary)
Rebecca Altus
Jemma Badcock
Abby Beames
Nada BouChebli
Natalie Cameron
Keelan Grosvenor
Jennifer Hogg
Jacqueline Iliev
Mickaylah Iliev
Naomi Ingamells
Madelaine Jolly
Phoebe Learey
Pearl Mayor
Michael Mertin
Chantal Moore
Taniesha Ormsby
Sarah Picard
Ashleigh Thomas
Michael Tompich

Bachelor of Education (Middle Years)
Daniel Learey

Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
Adrian Blom
Olivia Gravier
Hannah Mellier
Aidan Stanley
Taylor Wilmot
Jade Wright

Master of Teaching (Primary)
Sarah Turland

Master of Teaching (Secondary)
Thomas Burden
Kaylah Missen
Ian Oosthuizen

Master of Education
Tami Chessell-Skinner
Tracey Coffey
Dorina Corso
Stephen Ford
Luke Gray
Simon Peake


Diploma in Applied Social Science
Virginia Abrahams
Taylor-ann Cannell
Bianca Davies
Kerrie Di Venosa
Emma Dorling
Victoria Heard
Catherine Hinton
Katie Jones
Caitlin McEwan
Timothy Pearce

Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling)
Renee Allen
Erin Booth
Mark Hillier
Lisa Luce
Kira Maude
Tracy Morris
Rebecca Reichenbach
Michelle Roberts
Amanda Sommers
Nicole Symons
Jade Williams

Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Youth Work)
Joshua Brookes
Emily Morgan
Joshua Newbery
Tiffany Newman
Eleftheria Oliver
Aled Proeve
Vincent Riviere
Hannah Zantvoort

Bachelor of Arts
Tiarna Kerber
Casey Lawrie
Jayden McKelliff
Grace Newman

Graduate Certificate in Counselling
Rachael Adams
Christine De Bruyn
Rochelle Denton
David Green
Sarah Short
Sarah Warland

Graduate Diploma in Arts
Saskia Capon
Claire-Louise Watson
Jade Wyatt
Meagan Yeoman

Graduate Diploma in Counselling
David Flood
Judith Hubbard
James Martin
Rebecca Nguyen
Susan Saunders
Ryan Stor

Master of Counselling Practice
Joanna Boufkas
Janet Burford
Susan Christie-Taylor
Colleen Dibiamaka
Silvana Forlini
Zachariah Gough
Jenni Hampel
Ivan Juric
Justine Martin
Tamara Martin
Robyn McLean
Debra Mortimer
Annara Oxenham
Jeanette Rigley
Tabitha Ryan
Bianca Stawiarski
Tahlia Steicke
Marguerita Van Der Meer
Cheryl Vigouroux
Emma Wright

Master of Creative Writing (Research)
Lisa Birch
Sally Dixon
Michael Wyatt


Diploma in Intercultural Studies
Rebecca Rowse

Diploma in Theology
Rivkah Burch
Janine Coad
Daniel Izzo
Leslie Maxwell
Jayne Newman
Rebecca Rowse
Deborah Strapp

Bachelor of Intercultural Studies
Erin Kerber
Benjamin Rowe

Bachelor of Ministry
Simon Davis
Jessica Evans
Joshua Griffiths
Collin Heslop
Jacob Johnson
Timothy Langley
Neil Wright

Bachelor of Theology
Thomas Edwards

Graduate Certificate in Divinity
Samuel Chan
Jake Forrest
Anna Jacobs
Renae Beaty

Graduate Certificate in International Health & Development
Anke Sprau
Patrick Sprau

Graduate Certificate in TESOL
Maria Ng

Graduate Diploma in Divinity
Dayne Habermann
Muy-Jhou Moo
Nathan Richardson
David Reedman
Katherine Williams
Thomas Bradshaw
Alastair Dick

Graduate Diploma in Ministry
Sean Boucher

Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction
Patricia Bishop
Jennifer Pryor
Gaynor Johnson
Alasdair McAvenna

Graduate Diploma in TESOL
Gregory Clifford
Kristen Rohde

Master of Divinity
Catherine Turner
Cheng Ting Chen

Master of Ministry
Sally Shaw

Master of TESOL
Vivien Brook

Master of Theology (Research)
Jeanette Fogarty
Tawk Kap

Doctor of Philosophy (Theology)
Paul Armishaw


Certificate III in Education Support
Ella Betterman
Oshodi Bishop
Victoria Broadfoot
Lucy Conroy
Elena Cretan
Oliver Crutchley
Michele De
Maree Dicmanis
Rebecca Gomersall
Charlotte Hayes
Leanne Hocking
Leila Jones
Paige Ridley
Kelly Simmonds

Certificate IV in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care
Younjung Jo
Ruth Pfitzner
Jasmine Wannop

Certificate IV in Mental health
Frances Tobin

Certificate IV in Youth Work
Chloe Abram
Emma Clarke
Kirsty-Lee Colbert
Malachi Evans
Jodi Greenwood
Tricia Lynch
Michael Millerick
Nicholas Morony
Ruth Pfitzner
Loretta Pople
Meg Potter
Kerry Probert
Karina Schmucker
Stevie-Lee Thompson
Courtney Williams
Sally Work

Diploma of Youth Work
Baljit Bains
Jacinta Hobbs
Dele Ogunsoto