Bachelor of Leadership (Ministry)

Undergraduate Course
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Professional Outcomes

With a Bachelor of Leadership (Ministry) degree, you’ll be equipped to cultivate collective leadership and drive change in faith-based organisations and beyond. Our program prepares you to initiate, design, implement, and evaluate effective, responsible, and entrepreneurial leadership activities, making you a valuable asset to any organisation looking to make a difference in the world.

About This Course

Looking to make a real difference in the world? The Bachelor of Leadership (Ministry) at Tabor College is your chance to develop the professional leadership and entrepreneurial skills needed to make a positive impact in faith-based organisations and the wider community. This degree is designed for you, the driven and passionate student who wants to lead the charge in evangelism, social justice, social entrepreneurship, and community development.

At Tabor, we pride ourselves on offering a personalised learning experience, with smaller class sizes that allow you to get the most out of your studies. As a student in the Bachelor of Leadership (Ministry) program, you’ll benefit from our reputation in ministry, theology, and applied social sciences, as well as real-world leadership and project experience through theoretical study and applied learning.

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Course Learning Outcomes

Throughout the Bachelor of Leadership (Ministry) program, you will develop the following skills and knowledge:


  • Demonstrate a broad and coherent knowledge of contemporary leadership theories, principles, and practices.
  • Understand the nature and theological basis of leadership in ministry from a comprehensive perspective.


  • Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to analyse and evaluate leadership theory and praxis in faith-based organisations.
  • Communicate effectively, presenting clear and coherent ideas with influential communication skills.
  • Utilise strategic thinking principles to make informed decisions and promote organisational flourishing.
  • Assess and manage organisational communications, marketing, stakeholder engagement, and advocacy efforts.
  • Interpret the biblical text critically and consider its implications for contemporary Christian leadership and ministry.

Application of Knowledge and Skills:

  • Demonstrate initiative and judgment in planning, problem-solving, and decision-making in leadership, management, and ministry practice contexts.
  • Engage in ministry leadership activities in an ethically aware and reflective manner.
  • Reflect on personal development and practice as a leader, fostering self-awareness and growth.
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The Bachelor of Ministry program at Tabor holistically prepares students for vocational and professional roles which bring glory to God through Christian work, in both word and deed.
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Course Structure


Unit Total








  • MTL101.5 Theory and Practice of Leadership
  • MTL103.5 Leading People and Teams
  • MTL202.5 Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship
  • MTL203.5 Organisational Management and Accountability
  • MTL204.7 Strategic Thinking
  • MTL205.7 Cultural Intelligence and Stakeholder Engagement
  • MTL206.7 Strategic Communications and Marketing
  • MTL207.7 Leadership and Financial Intelligence
  • MTL209.7 Missional Influencing
  • HSS100.5 Professional Communication Skills

Common Core


    Work-Integrated Learning

    • MTO142.5 Internship A
    • MTO240.5 Internship B
    • MTL220.7 Leadership Project OR MTL221.7 Major Leadership Project

    Customize your learning journey by selecting electives from our comprehensive list or, with the approval of the Head of Ministry, from any Tabor bachelor award. These electives will assist you in achieving your personal and vocational goals, provided the following conditions have been met:

    • Units are at AQF Level 7 and align with the learning outcomes of the Bachelor of Leadership (Ministry).
    • Prerequisites for the chosen units have been satisfied.
    • Approval has been granted by the relevant course coordinator.

    Ensure to include at least one level 7 elective from the MTX suite of units to enrich your learning experience.


    • MTL207.7 Leadership and Financial Intelligence
    • MTL208.7 Fundraising
    • MTW253.7 Leadership for Mission and Ministry


    • MTG200.7 Interpreting the Old Testament
    • MTG201.7 Interpreting the New Testament1
    • MTR290.7 Theological Reflection
    • 1 x Exegesis for Theology and Proclamation Unit*
    • 1 x Theology in Context Unit**
    • MTW255.7 Preaching


    • HSC102.7 Working with Mental Health
    • HSC103.7 Working with Grief and Loss

    Sociology/Youth Work

    • HSY201.7 Youth Politics and Policy


     * MTG202.7 ETP: Pentateuch, MTG203.7 ETP: Prophets, MTG204.7 ETP: Synoptic Gospels, MTG205.7 ETP: Romans

    ** MTG230.7 TIC: Trinity and Creation, MTG231.7 TIC: Christ and the Kingdom, MTG232.7 TIC: Spirit and the Church, MTG234.7 TIC: Public Christianity

    Options vary and are subject to availability.

    Where can I study?

    You can study on campus at Adelaide – Millswood SA, or fully online.


    How long does it take?

    3 years (36 months) full-time or part-time equivalent.

    What do I need for entry?

    60 ATAR
    Qualify for mature age entry

    How much does it cost?

    Learn more about
    fees and available payment options.

    When can I start?

    Semester 1 – February
    Semester 2 – July

    Additional Information


    Diploma of Leadership (Ministry) after 1 year full-time or part-time equivalent.

    Tabor: M.BLDM

    Undergraduate Course

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