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From The Director

Welcome to the Graeme Clark Research Institute

A message from the Director, Rev Dr Graham Buxton

The Graeme Clark Research Institute (GCRI) is a multidisciplinary research institute set up to conduct, facilitate and promote research and development within Tabor in the broad context of Christian service to the community. It is named after the distinguished Australian surgeon Professor Graeme Clark, and was launched on 29th August 2011 by Dr Lynn Arnold, CEO of Anglicare in South Australia, and a former premier of the State.

One area of public debate that has had a lot of recent publicity is the relationship between science and faith, and it is one of the central planks in the new research institute. Over the last ten years my colleague Mark Worthing and I have been involved in exploring the relationship between science and theology, publishing in the field. Other faculty members are actively engaged in investigating the interface between the Christian faith and other aspects of contemporary culture, such as the arts, popular culture, and politics.

As the institute becomes established, research staff will engage in key activities, such as the scholarly publication of monographs, peer-reviewed journal articles and occasional papers; the provision of short courses, conferences, lectures and talks, appealing to both Christian and non-Christian audiences; the provision of up-to-date, accurate data on science, faith and social affairs for the media and the wider public; and participation in national and international collaborative research programs.

Immediately following the launch, we ran a three-day conference in Adelaide (see the News & Events page) in collaboration with the prestigious Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, an interdisciplinary research enterprise based at St Edmund’s College, Cambridge University, in the UK. Key speakers were drawn from around the world in an outstanding program that addressed many of the questions people are asking about the relationship between science and faith in today’s world. They included Denis Alexander, Graeme Clark, Denis Edwards, Joel Green, Gareth Jones, Greg Pike, John Pilbrow, Bob White and David Wilkinson, along with other local speakers.

We at Tabor look forward to working with those who, like us, are interested in exploring the interface between the Christian faith and the world in which we live. Our hope is that the Graeme Clark Research Institute will be an effective means of furthering this objective. We hope you will join us on the journey.

Graham Buxton 
Director of the GCRI

Phone: 08 8373 8777

PO Box 1777
UNLEY  SA  5061

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