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Anne Maher

MARKETING Operations Manager

About Anne

Anne started in design and ventured into business management. Now, she’s back, passionately navigating the digital marketing space. Anne is armed with skills in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, WordPress, Hubspot, and Mailchimp, crafting visually stunning and informative materials for Tabor’s students. Her unique perspective and project management insights ensure high-quality marketing materials that accurately represent the college’s values.

As Tabor’s Marketing Operations Manager, Anne develops and executes campaigns and events, spotlighting Tabor’s programs and community spirit. Her exceptional communication and project management skills make her a reliable point of contact for students and staff alike.





  • Bachelor of Visual Communication (Graphic Design) University of South Australia


  • Marketing Operations Manager


  • A lover of all things beautiful, especially nature
  • Positive outlook on life and strives to spread kindness and see the good in people
  • Cherishes family and beloved golden retriever named Elliot
  • Considers the formality and structure of the Catholic faith to be a source of strength and inspiration in life
  • Enjoys socialising with loved ones, music and food 

You can contact Anne on 

1300 482 267

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