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Bruce Hulme

Head of Ministry

About Bruce

Bruce comes from country NSW, and worked in worship and family lay ministry roles for over 12 years in mainly Lutheran contexts before joining the MTC teaching faculty in 2008. He has experience in and a heart for the breadth of expressions of the Christian church. He is passionate about helping others ‘talk the walk’ in ways that cultivate deep, reflective, and congruent living. This is expressed through his teaching in reflection, formation, pastoral care and spirituality; his scholarship as a doctoral candidate; his practice as a spiritual director, and as a formator in Tabor’s Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction; and his ministry as a retreat/seminar leader in spirituality, formation and care. Bruce’s approach to learning and teaching is founded upon the potency of vulnerability, hospitality and mutuality in the educator-student encounter; his hope is that others engage with not only what he knows, but also with who he is.

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Subjects Taught

Theological Reflection
Supervised Ministry Field Education A
Supervised Ministry Field Education B
Introduction to Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care in Context
Formation A
Formation B
Formation C
Christian Spirituality

Recent Publications

Hulme, Bruce. “A Vision for the Good Life: Shalom as a Telos for Christian Formation in Teaching Theological Reflection.” Wondering About God Together: Research-Led Learning and Teaching in Theological Education. Sydney: SCD Press, forthcoming.

You can contact Bruce on (08) 8373 8777


  • Head of Ministry
  • Lecturer
  • Academic Administrator (GDSD)


  • Currently completing PhD at Flinders University in Christian formation, theological reflection and theological education
  • Sonia and I—both right-handed—have five left-handed children … go figure
  • Interested in Shalom as God's flourishing for all creation (reconciliation/justice/beauty/wholeness)



  • Graduate Diploma in Ministry (Tabor)
  • Bachelor of Theology (Tabor)
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Adelaide Uni)
  • Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) (Adelaide Uni)