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Bruce Tucker

Adjunct Lecturer

About Bruce

Meet Bruce, a seasoned professional with over 30 years of dedicated service in the community sector. Throughout his career, Bruce has held management and leadership roles in various community organizations, specializing in areas such as homelessness, substance abuse, residential out-of-home care, youth justice, outreach, and employment services. His focus has predominantly been on youth and family-centric organizations, including a significant tenure as the CEO of Concern Australia, a small Christian organization.

As an advocate for positive change and growth, Bruce has provided strategic development options for organizations and contributed to academia as an adjunct lecturer at RMIT and Eastern College in Victoria. His expertise extends to being a presenter at numerous conferences and workshops, addressing crucial issues in youth and family dynamics.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Bruce finds joy in an active lifestyle, indulging in walking and occasional running to keep fit. He also cherishes moments in his garden, enjoys music, and delves into reading, particularly fantasy series like Wheel of Time. For Bruce, quality time with friends and family over dinner holds a special place, and when time allows, he delights in cooking for them.



  • Adjunct Lecturer Youth Work


  • Enjoys walking, occasional running for fitness.
  • Passionate about gardening and greenery.
  • Diverse music lover for relaxation.
  • Avid reader, especially fantasy series.
  • Culinary artist, loves cooking creatively.
  • Cherishes dinners, a social connector.


You can contact Bruce on
1300 482 267

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