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Dr. Matthew James Gray

Head of Divinity

About Dr. Matthew James

Matt has been at Tabor since 2008, teaching in a variety of fields, but with a primary focus on Church history. He has developed a reputation for teaching history in a refreshing and empowering way, which facilitates students gaining a deeper sense of their Christian identity. Matt is a Baptist, strongly holding to that denomination’s convictions of liberty of conscience, and the importance of believer’s baptism. Nonetheless, he retains a deep respect for other Christian traditions, maintaining warm relationships with leaders from the Churches of Christ, Pentecostals, Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, and the Greek and Russian Orthodox. He seeks to serve churches in a variety of ways, including occasional preaching for camps and congregations. Matt also has a passion for eleutherotics, a less combative approach to apologetics and public Christianity. He is married with three children, two of which are named after great heroes from Church history.

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Subjects Taught

Story of the Church
Exploring the Christian Faith
Introduction to Christian Ministry
Early Church History
Reformation Church History
Evangelism and Apologetics

You can contact Dr. Matthew James on (08) 8373 8777


  • Head of Divinity
  • Lecturer


  • Matt lectured in Church history for pastors in Zambia, Africa, in 2014
  • Interested in history of religious toleration, Gender history, Orthodox theology, Reformation theology, Patristics



  • Masters of Theology
  • Masters of Divinity
  • Bachelor of Communication