Humanities Overview

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Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities. Here you will find important information about the following courses:

Undergraduate degrees in:

Postgraduate degrees in:

What are the Humanities?

Study in the Humanities centres on those learning areas that have helped shape our Western intellectual and cultural traditions, as well as many aspects of non-Western thought and culture. At Tabor Adelaide, the Humanities includes study in:

  • Creative Writing
  • English Literature
  • Christian Studies & Theology
  • Social Sciences 
  • History
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Intercultural Studies

We believe that all history, ideas and creativity flow from and ultimately point back to God, who creates, sustains, redeems and transforms us (and our human cultures). As such, every aspect of study here is approached from the distinctive standpoint of a Christian worldview.

Within the Humanities we seek to actively and positively engage contemporary culture in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While the pursuit of academic excellence is vital to our approach to teaching and learning, we also engage with our students on a personal and pastoral level. Regular academic pathway interviews and a program to assist academically struggling students form important aspects of the close and caring environment you'll discover as a student within the Humanities.

From Music to History, Literature to Philosophy, Poetry, Theology, Fiction Writing and Intercultural Studies, the diverse range of study options open to Humanities students is what makes our courses both personally inspiring and academically worthwhile.

God bless you as you consider studying with us.

Dr James Cooper
Senior Lecturer, Humanities Research Coordinator
School of Humanities & Social Science