Youth Work Overview

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Youth Work

Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Youth Work)


Youth Work is about empowering resilience in young people. It requires the very special skill of identifying and recognising the individual needs, fears, hopes and dreams of some of those most at risk in our society. More than a career or vocation, Youth Work is a way of being – an ability to connect with vulnerable young people, to listen deeply to their stories, and advocate skilfully on their behalf.

We offer an undergraduate degree in:

The Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Youth Work) offered at Tabor Adelaide is widely recognised by industry professionals for teaching the unique combination of deep theoretical knowledge and practical abilities required to successfully support young people in need. The course draws upon various disciplines, including sociology, youth and community development theory, human services frameworks, developmental psychology, counselling skills and practical theology.  Our graduates are well regarded as professional, ethical and reflective practitioners who are highly sought after across both faith-based and broader youth sectors.

The Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Youth Work) prepares thinking practitioners who:

  • Help young people to make sense of their lives, issues, challenges and goals through skilled, interpersonal helping conversations
  • Build community amongst young people through skilled group work and program development
  • Use mentoring, advocacy and informal education skills to help young people:
    • actively participate in the community and to develop skills for citizenship 
    • manage and develop their personal health and well-being
    • make positive choices for their futures
    • explore and express their creativity, gifts and spiritual instincts
  • Work effectively within professional organisations and contribute to teams
  • Negotiate career pathways within the human services

Graduates of our program have successfully obtained employment across a wide variety of roles and settings, including:

  • Schools-based youth work and chaplaincy
  • Alternative education programs
  • Supported accommodation programs
  • Case work and mentoring
  • Church-based youth work roles
  • Camping and outdoor adventure recreation services
  • Juvenile Justice Youth Work
  • Youth-focused, community development programs

I have had the pleasure of working with a number of graduates of Tabor's Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Youth Work) over several years, jointly applying for funds and co-working on programs and projects.  Tabor graduates, in my experience, are very well prepared for work in the sector, with excellent skills set, solid knowledge base, and having clearly explored values and the broader social and political context of their youth work practice. Ben Smith, Co-Coordinator, Cove Youth Service.