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Vocational Education Training

 Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Community Services:

Christian Life and Ministry:

Employment outcomes

Vocational Education courses are generally much shorter than degree level programs. They are directly targeted at specific occupations and provide a great pathway to employment. Tabor also has links with many employers who are keen to employ Tabor Graduates. Research shows that a very high percentage of VET graduates in SA gain employment on completion of their courses.


Austudy/Youth Allowance/Abstudy

All of our courses are approved for these allowances. However you need to study at least  a ¾ work-load to be eligible. Contact your local Centrelink to discuss your eligibility.

Recognition of Prior Learning ( RPL)

Experienced workers/volunteers are eligible for RPL. We provide a positive and proactive approach to RPL. We discuss your experience and knowledge with you informally. If RPL is gained this leads to less study time for you and enables you to reach your goals faster. In some courses this can lead to a reduction in fees.

How can I study?

- Study using our Moodle learning system. Moodle resources include: online student workbooks, recorded lectures, discussion forums with other students and your lecturer and an easy upload of assignment work. With this option you can study at a time and place which suits you and also move as quickly as you like through the course. This is suitable for students living outside of Adelaide metro area and students restricted by their commitments. You can email or phone your lecturer at any time for additional assistance.

Class room based sessions - This option is for people who prefer to learn in groups and work with the lecturer in person. We hold our classes mainly in the evening to allow as many people as possible to access them. You will also receive online resources to assist your learning if you study this way.

Intensives - Intensives are run over several consecutive days. You may be able to cover several units in this manner. You will also receive online resources to assist your learning if you study this way.

Do I have to be a Christian?

Vocational courses are based on National Training Packages. There is no Christian content in these courses. Your religious views will not affect your application or your study in anyway, nor will you be coerced at all. People from all backgrounds are welcome to study with Tabor Adelaide.