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Tabor #1 in the nation!

Article - 22 May 2018

Dear all,

It gives me great pleasure to share exciting news about Tabor’s latest QILT (Quality Indicators in Learning and Teaching) results with you.  For the last number of years we have ranked very highly in several categories but this result is the best we have ever had.

We are now in the top five institutions in the nation for ‘overall student experience’, for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. 

In Teacher-Education we are the #1 Higher Education Provider in the country in five out of the six categories tested, including overall student experience and quality of learning experience. 

These results are outstanding and speak of a dedicated staff, of excellence, a flourishing learning community and cutting edge academic programs.  It also speaks to the dedicated outworking of a Christian calling and values that are core to who we are and what we do. Tabor is well set to continue delivering the best-in-kind learning in the nation!

To further strengthen our focus on excellent teaching, and make even better use of the resources we have, the Board of Governors has approved a change in strategic direction. In short, we will no longer pursue University status as we have done for the past number of years (of course still with full university equivalent accreditation of all our programs), so we will focus our energies on what we are really good at: namely, to be a premier ‘teaching-focused’ Tertiary Institute in the community professions.

The change of strategic direction, and a desire to ‘reset’ the organisation for continued sustainability into its next exciting season, also means there will be some staff changes and restructuring over the next few months.  To this end we have a robust and well-thought-through restructuring plan to move us forward. Thus we are well placed to provide the best possible learning environment for students as we continue to offer programs of the highest quality.


Dr Johan Roux
President (CEO)