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Event - Saturday August 11, 10am - 3pm

More people love learning at Tabor - fact!

According to the 2015+2016 Student Experience Survey, Tabor sits well above the national average in Teaching Quality, Skills Development and Student Support.

What’s it like being a student at Tabor?
Fantastic, but then of course we’d say that. Tabor is a leader in Community Professions. Think teachers, counsellors, youth workers, musicians, creative communicators, pastors, intercultural workers and so on. With our Christian values, authentic community and student-focused learning, Tabor aims to produce professional graduates who want to make the world a better place.

How is Tabor different to universities?
We offer more flexible study options (including online), greater personal student support and back it up with a 91% student satisfaction rating in the overall quality of educational experience –
that’s higher than any university in South Australia!

Event details

  • Location

    181 Goodwood Road, Millswood 5034
  • Date

    Saturday August 11, 10am - 3pm