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Tabor (Perth) Workshop Series *postponed*

Article - 6 March 2020

Tabor introduces a workshop series to be held in Perth.

The series will be exploring a variety of topics related to the community professions through interactive and informative workshops.

Meaningful Living 2.0

Grow in your understanding of how to flourish self, others and the world around us.

This workshop taps into an underpinning desire for community professions practitioners, namely how to
live meaningful lives that makes a difference for good by flourishing self, others and the world around us.
It explores notions and ideas towards a framework for meaningful living that can be applied to various
personal and professional contexts.

Presenter: Dr Johan Roux

The Art of Listening well

“It is the province of knowledge to speak. And it is the privilege of wisdom to listen”. Oliver Wendell Holmes

This workshop will explore the dynamic of listening, The benefits of active listening and the barriers to effective listening. Participants will gain key insights into their own communication patterns and the possibilities for better relationships in personal and professional life.

Presenters: June Stankowski and Sam Smith

How do we speak to people about matters of the soul?

An introduction to the gentle art of accompanying.

This workshop offers a model for spiritual companionship that can be applied in any range of personal or professional situations. At its heart is the assumption that a person who has taken the inner journey of connecting to their own spirit and has dug a well, into deeper sources of life, can hold open that same possibility to others. In a phrase: ‘deep calls to deep’. Accompanying is a practice of being and of holding a certain kind of space. The art of the accompanist is deep listening and supportive journeying, a willingness to be vulnerable and to invite vulnerability. To assist others to begin to discern the threads of the sacred within their own unique stories and to find the courage and language with which to name and embrace their spiritual voice and orientation. Maxine and Phil share insights and invite moments of reflection and conversation as together we explore the beauty and privilege of enabling each other to make spiritual sense of our everyday lives.

Presenters: Phil Daughtry and Maxine Green

Doing Singleness Well

Embracing the gifts, challenges and opportunities of being single .

This workshop has a range of guest speakers, including guest speaker Amanda Viviers from Kin Women and author of Dear Single Self and Dear Creative Self, offering their wisdom into doing singleness well. The speakers will offer their insight into how to embrace the many gifts of singleness, as well as how to effectively manage its challenges and opportunities. The evening will finish with some light refreshments and an opportunity to speak to the guest speakers.

Presenters: Alea Losch and Guest Speakers

How to work better and smarter with young people in youth ministry

Grow in your understanding of what is going on for young people and how to offer the kind of support that really helps, that they want to stick around for.

This workshop discusses the problems with the current ways of doing youth ministry, as found in Tim’s recent research. By comparing the current ministry methods with methods of Youth Work, this workshop offers a way forward by embracing an empowerment model of ministry, based on models by leading Youth Work academic, Trudi Cooper. The empowerment model offers a way of ministering to young people that is engaging, non-coercive, and provides a way for depth of conversations through dialogue. Through discussion and conversation, this workshop will provide a new way of working among young people that we hope will benefit your ministry.

Presenter: Tim Mullen

Compassion and Confidence in Trauma Response

Developing an understanding and the skills to help those struggling from trauma.

This workshop aims to help provide an understanding of the impact trauma can have on individuals, and the symptoms that can develop following traumatic experiences. More so, this workshop is focused on empowering people working or interacting with traumatised individuals, with the skills to support them and the knowledge of how to get the most appropriate help for them.

Presenters: Alea Losch and June Stankowski