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Higher Education Fee Information

Higher Education Tuition Fees


  • Eligible students in any of Tabor’s higher education courses (Bachelor Degrees, Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas and Master Degrees) are able to obtain a FEE-HELP loan to cover the cost of their tuition fees; and
  • HECS-HELP loans are available to a limited number of Education students in specified teacher education courses.

HELP loans offer some significant benefits, for example:

Students who use the HELP system do not need to pay any tuition fees up-front. Students may pay a proportion of their fees up-front and cover the remainder with a HELP loan. HELP loans prevent students or potential students from being excluded because they cannot afford to pay their tuition fees. HELP loans make the process of gaining a reputable qualification, with all the related employment benefits, easier for many students to attain.

  • FEE-HELP is a Commonwealth Government loan program to assist eligible students in higher education courses offered by approved institutions to pay their tuition fees.
  • To be eligible for FEE-HELP you must be an Australian citizen or the holder of a permanent humanitarian visa who will be resident in Australia for the duration of the subject of study.
  • HECS-HELP is a Commonwealth Government loan scheme that applies only to students in Commonwealth supported places. Tabor is able to offer a number of Commonwealth supported places in Teacher Education.
  • Students in these places are Commonwealth supported students and do not need to pay tuition fees but need to pay a student contribution which is significantly less than the full tuition fee.
  • To be eligible for HECS-HELP at Tabor you must be an Australian citizen or the holder of a permanent humanitarian visa and be allocated one of the College’s National Priority Places in teaching.

ABSTUDY, Austudy & Youth Allowance

ABSTUDY, Austudy and Youth Allowance are available for qualifying students studying in courses up to and including graduate diploma level, as well as some select Masters Courses [Including: Master of Teaching (Primary), Master of Teaching (Secondary), Master of Divinity and Master of Counselling Practice]. Recipients are required to make satisfactory progress for studies to continue.

Information and application is made directly to Centrelink.

It is YOUR responsibility to notify Centrelink of any changes to your circumstances and enrolment. Please note that Tabor is required to report student enrolment, attendance and results to Centrelink when requested.

Course and Tuition Assurance Arrangements

Tabor provides tuition assurance to support students enrolled in a course of study in the event that, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are no longer able to offer the concerned course of study.

For students who are Australian citizens or permanent residents in Australia paying fees themselves, financial provision is made to allow immediate refunds. For students using FEE-HELP or HECS-HELP, the Government has introduced new arrangements from 1 January 2018 that include exempting particular higher education providers from Tuition Assurance, subject to meeting certain conditions. Learn more about this in Tabor’s Tuition Assurance Policy.

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