Centre for Creative Communication

Seeking the Heart of Storytelling…

Tabor’s Creative Communication Centre equips storytellers, writers, and speakers from all walks of life. The Centre enhances professional practice and empowers communicators to reach a wider audience.

The Centre exists to:

  • Bring together the insight of local writers, speakers, publishers and other visiting experts in the form of professional development workshops and events
  • Equip storytellers, writers and communicators from all walks of life with resources to enhance their professional practice and reach a wider audience
  • Tabor’s growing network of affiliations and creative initiatives so as to nurture and promote the talent of gifted communicators and storytellers locally and overseas 
  • Promote soulful and intelligent voices that will shape the imagination and renew our culture for good and for God

About the Centre:

In a world awash with noisy opinion, the need for soulful and intelligent voices to shape the imagination and bring about cultural renewal has never been greater. Whether you are a novelist, poet, speaker, blogger, screenwriter or content creator – however the written word connects with your creative passion – Tabor’s Centre for Creative Communication offers a wealth of support to make your message more effective and impactful.

The team is led by the co-directors who facilitate, guide and shape the work of the Centre.


inScribe Journal of Creative Writing 

inScribe is a bi-annual print journal and perennial website published and maintained by students and staff within Tabor’s Creative Writing and Communication Program.

Creative Writing Resource Page 

This page features a range of freely accessible writing resources curated by staff within Tabor’s Creative Writing and Communication Program.

Stories of Life

The annual Stories of Life writing competition and anthology was developed to help people of faith to tell their stories well and to provide a platform for the best of those stories.

Omega Writers

Omega Writers is a professional writers network aimed at educating, supporting and inspiring Australasian Christian writers towards excellence, impacting society with grace and truth. 

Tabor Creative Writing mentor program

Tabor Creative Writing Mentorship extends the Masters of Creative Writing program, providing writers with diverse resources and experiences to achieve their writing goals in any genre or purpose, such as composing a book or collection.