Graduate Certificate in Divinity

Postgraduate Course
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Professional Outcomes

Graduates may undertake various roles in local churches in associate leadership roles, as lay leaders, or may elect to develop their own ministries. Alternatively, graduates may use the award as a form of professional development or “broadening qualification”, possibly allowing them to move into a different, albeit related, role within their organization (a school teacher might complete the award as the basis for teaching Religious Education while a nurse may become a pastoral carer).

About This Course

With its focus on the Christian scriptures, theology and church history, the Graduate Certificate in Divinity is an excellent choice for students seeking a short and flexible study option designed to awaken and inspire a greater passion for Christian ministry and service.

Throughout the course, students have the opportunity to choose the focus of their Scripture studies, whether Old Testament, New Testament or the Bible as a whole. The course includes two core and two elective units, a mix that has proven highly appealing to students. While the core units deliver an introductory syllabus designed to broaden student understanding, the electives allow space for students to pursue their own professional and educational outcomes.

The award’s flexibility makes it ideal for people who are studying with specific vocational goals in mind (e.g., Christian teachers looking to broaden their employment opportunities) as well as those who plan to use their learning in a variety of different Christian ministry contexts.

Course Learning Outcomes

Graduates will have: 

  • an advanced and integrated knowledge of the underlying principles and concepts of the Christian faith and ministry, with depth in Christian studies or vocational praxis

Graduates will be able to: 

  • Analyse the biblical text critically and faithfully, and evaluate, consolidate and synthesise the interpretations of others 
  • Discern how their faith informs their vocational choices 
  • Exercise independent critical thinking, reflection and judgement in order to analyse and design approaches to contemporary issues 
  • Construct and convey biblical and theological knowledge and ideas in diverse contexts

Graduates will be able to demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills: 

  • With advanced biblical and theological knowledge and vocational skills in their chosen vocational context 
  • Engage in Christian reflective practice on their vocation 

Graduates will be able to: 

  • Assess their own spiritual, theological and ministerial formation and integration, and identify possible vocational directions
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Course Structure


Unit Total






Where can I study?

You can study on campus at Adelaide – Millswood SA, or fully online.

How long does it take?

6 months full-time or part-time equivalent.

What do I need for entry?

The entry requirement for the Graduate Certificate in Divinity is an undergraduate degree in any field or approved equivalent.

How much does it cost?

Learn more about
fees and available payment options.

When can I start?

Semester 1 – February
Semester 2 – July

Additional Information

Tabor: TME14D
SATAC: Not applicable

Postgraduate Course

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