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About This Course

The Bachelor of Ministry program at Tabor holistically prepares students for vocational and professional roles which bring glory to God through Christian work, in both word and deed.

Through the course, students explore the biblical and theological basis of Christian ministry, its purpose, nature and practice. One of the major strengths of the Bachelor qualification is the balanced program of biblical studies and Christian theology, along with studies of ministry contexts. Students also have the opportunity to choose from a number of electives or specialise in a particular ministry area, including church leadership, pastoral care, contextual mission, or intercultural studies.

Ministry Studies have been offered at Tabor for more than 30 years, and were borne from a desire to practically equip graduates with the knowledge and skills they needed to undertake their ministry calling. In line with our focus on personal growth, a program of formation undergirds the degree, providing time and space for students to grow in their relationship with God.

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Professional Outcomes

This qualification has been crafted for individuals who feel called, or who are exploring their call, to some form of Christian ministry vocation. Graduates may find employment in a variety of roles both within and outside the church (pastors, chaplains, Christian pastoral support workers). Please speak to the course co-ordinator to discuss pathway options in preparation for application for ordination with your chosen denominational body.

Course Outcomes

Graduates will be:

  • Lifelong learners whose critical thinking is enriched by the living Christian tradition.
  • Holistic individuals whose vocational competence is enriched by active Christian values.
  • Leading members of various communities whose strategic vision embraces the global context and whose contribution is expressed in multifaceted care and concern for others.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad and coherent knowledge of the biblical text, Christian theology and ministry, with depth in one area of ministry specialization (e.g. church leadership, pastoral care, youth  ministry).
  • Demonstrate cognitive, technical and creative skills to interpret faithfully the biblical text, and to review critically the interpretations of others.
  • Demonstrate cognitive and creative skills to think theologically and to engage in theological reflection, including an ability to integrate ministry experience, personal spirituality, and draw critically from the Christian tradition.
  • Demonstrate a broad range of cognitive and creative ministry skills, including communication and teamwork skills, which are relevant to a variety of ministry and vocational settings, as well as specialised skills relating to their area of ministry focus.
  • Critically apply knowledge of the biblical text and exegetical skills to develop contextually appropriate interpretations of biblical passages.
  • Critically engage theological, life and ministry issues in the light of their knowledge of Christian theological tradition and method, and be able to communicate their thinking to both theologically trained and non-theologically trained audiences.
  • Employ with initiative and judgement their ministry knowledge and skills within ministry settings.
  • Explain the relevance and influence of personal and cultural considerations on biblical interpretation, theological reflection and ministry praxis.
  • Examine their spiritual, theological and ministerial formation and integration, and identify their vocational direction.
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Course Structure


Unit Total






  • Elective 1
  • Elective 2
  • Elective 3
  • Elective 4
  • Elective 5
  • Elective 6
  • Elective 7
  • Elective 8

Students can choose to specialise in the following areas:

  • Ministry Leadership

  • Theology

  • Pastoral Care and Counselling

  • Spiritual Direction

  • Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care

  • Intercultural Studies

  • Children, Youth and Families

  • Creative Arts


Options vary and are subject to availability.

Where can I study?

This course is available fully online, fully on campus in Adelaide, and a blend of online and on campus in Perth.

Adelaide – Millswood SA

Perth – Forrestfield WA


How long does it take?

3 years (36 months) full-time or part-time equivalent.

What do I need for entry?

Completion of ‘Tabor Early Entry’ criteria (NOT dependent on ATAR)
Qualify for mature age entry

How much does it cost?

Learn more about
fees and available payment options.

When can I start?

Semester 1 – February
Semester 2 – July

Additional Information


Diploma in Theology after 1 year full-time or part-time equivalent.

Tabor: TM714M
SATAC: 5A0410

Undergraduate Course

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