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Tabor College is your gateway to higher education with a mission to empower community professionals. Our specialised programs are tailored to teachers, counsellors, youth workers, musicians, pastors, creative communicators, and more. As a reputable Tertiary Education Provider, we offer a diverse range of academic options, from Undergraduate Certificates to Postgraduate Degrees.

What sets Tabor apart is our commitment to student success. We maintain smaller class sizes to foster an intimate learning environment. In fact, our dedication to student support has earned us an exceptional 95% positive rating in the National Student Experience Survey*, placing us well above the national average.

At Tabor, we prioritise a personal, interactive, and relational approach to teaching. Practical training is at the core of our curriculum, ensuring you are job-ready upon graduation. Our educational philosophy encourages you to live a life of purpose and achieve your professional aspirations.

Rooted in a Christian ethos, Tabor College believes in the importance of spiritual formation for personal and professional growth. We embrace students of all backgrounds, fostering a community dedicated to virtue, wisdom, knowledge, and skill development.

Located just five minutes south of the city, our Millswood campus offers ample parking and convenient public transport access. For students from across Australia, we provide online study options that allow you to access our exceptional education from anywhere in the country.

Join us at Tabor College and be part of our mission for Higher Education for a Better World.

*Source: QILT Student Experience Survey 2022; National average includes all other universities and non-university higher education institutions

Our students tell us they want to create a world that’s worth living in.

*QILT Student Experience Survey 2020 (Undergraduate). Includes all Universities and Non-University Higher Education Institutions.

Explore Tabor College with Our CEO: Your Path to a Bright Future

In our CEO’s video, we extend a warm invitation to embark on a remarkable journey with Tabor College. This video encapsulates our unwavering commitment to providing you, our valued student, with an exceptional educational experience. Dr Johan Roux shares insights into Tabor’s core values, its vibrant learning community, and the transformative power of our programs. Discover how Tabor can be your guiding light toward a brighter future, where meaningful careers lead to truly meaningful lives. Join us in this exploration, and let us pave the way for your success and personal growth.

Unlock Meaningful Careers and Lives at Tabor College

Welcome to Tabor College, where we believe that every individual has a unique purpose in life—to grow, explore, learn, and, above all, make the world a better place. Our video, “Meaningful Careers, Meaningful Lives,” embodies Tabor’s core messaging, taking you on a transformative 2-minute and 30-second journey. Through powerful visuals and heartfelt interviews with our students, we explore the profound impact of studying at Tabor. Our students share their aspirations to be changemakers, to inspire others, and to contribute to a world in need of positive change. At Tabor, we offer a personalised education experience, world-class faculty, and a close-knit community that empowers our students to reach their full potential. Join us on this inspirational journey and discover how studying at Tabor can equip you to create a meaningful career and lead a life filled with purpose. Be the difference-maker you were born to be.


Education at Tabor

The Tabor Education Faculty specialises in Work Integrated Learning, which includes a high number of practicum days. This practical focus, along with strong teaching quality and support, gives our graduates a competitive employability edge.

Tabor graduates are confident to teach in both government and non-government schools. In many cases Christian studies subjects give students extra leverage for the Christian and religious schools sector.

Counselling at Tabor

As a Counsellor, you will assist your clients by helping them to understand and cope with difficult issues. You’ll empower them to develop self-understanding and make intentional changes to accomplish mental health and wellbeing in their lives.

Many of our students become counsellors or work in other fields including wellbeing coordinators, family support workers, and pastoral care workers.

Music at Tabor

At Tabor we believe music is a universal language. It inspires people. It promotes community, happiness and a sense of well-being. We need music in our lives!

The Tabor BMus degree is unique – and it’s growing fast. The course offers students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the real world. Our graduates excel in various fields, and many of our students have become instrumental music teachers, music educators, performers, and sessional musicians.

Youth Work at Tabor

Youth Work is about recognising young people’s voices as valuable and helping them find their strength to achieve their full potential. Youth Work at Tabor is about forming the whole practitioner – not just education, but formation – into an effective Youth Worker.

Tabor focuses not only on theory but also very practical and industry engagement and field placements run throughout the program. Most of our youth work students receive job offers by the end of their second year of study.

Ministry Practice at Tabor

Students are equipped for Christian ministry work in churches, NGOs and other ministry contexts. Our graduates become senior pastors, associate pastors, youth pastor, Christian pastoral support workers, chaplains and bible translators.

Tabor Alumni: Transforming Lives Through Meaningful Professions

Discover Tabor’s alumni making their mark as change agents in their professions and beyond. In “Tabor Alumni: Transforming Lives Through Meaningful Professions”, witness how our graduates embody Tabor’s mission. These remarkable individuals are driving positive transformation through careers rooted in purpose and compassion, aligning with our vision of a better world. Join us in celebrating their inspiring stories of empowerment and the enduring impact of the Tabor community.

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