Undergraduate Certificate in Counselling

Undergraduate CERTIFICATE
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About This Course

The Undergraduate Certificate in Counselling introduces students to foundational counselling concepts and skills and how these are used in counselling practice and guides them through the challenges of interpersonal communication.

The certificate is targeted at those who are wanting to explore the counselling field and those who work or volunteer in roles that are not professional counselling roles but may nevertheless benefit from some basic counselling knowledge (e.g. SSO, Christian Pastoral Support Worker).

Course Learning Outcomes


  • Demonstrate foundational knowledge of key counselling concepts and skills and how these are applied in counselling practice 


  • Analyse contemporary issues and challenges in interpersonal communication and propose solutions to these difficulties 
  • Critically reflect on their personal development and practice as counsellors  

Application of Knowledge and Skills

  • Employ effective communication and appropriate counselling microskills in counselling contexts 
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Course Structure


Unit Total






Where can I study?

You can study on campus at Adelaide – Millswood SA, or partially online with online plus.

Field education placement is a requirement of this course and is offered at:

Adelaide – Millswood SA

How long does it take?

6 months full-time* or part-time equivalent.

*Not available full-time in every intake.

What do I need for entry?

Completion of ‘Tabor Early Entry’ criteria (NOT dependent on ATAR)
Completion of Certificate IV or above
Qualify for mature age entry

How much does it cost?

Learn more about
fees and available payment options.

When can I start?

Semester 1 – February
Semester 2 – July

Additional Information

Tabor: H.CCNS
SATAC: Not applicable

Undergraduate Course


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