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About This Course

The Tabor Institute of Music (TIM) offers a well-rounded Bachelor of Music designed to get you career ready. This practical degree seeks to equip you with transferable skills for the future. Develop confidence in a broad range of musical styles and genres, whilst gaining real skills relevant to the music industry. At TIM, you’ll be surrounded with like-minded musicians who are passionate, driven and creative. 

For a tertiary experience truly like no other, choose Music at Tabor.

Exploring the Profound Connection Between Music and the Human Mind

Discover the fascinating world of Music Psychology and uncover the profound impact music has on our minds and behavior. Gain valuable insights into how music influences our emotions, memories, and cognitive processes. Whether you’re a music educator, performer, or simply curious about the power of music, this online course offers a captivating journey into the science behind music and the human mind. Enroll today and embark on a transformative learning experience. Click below to find out more about Music Psychology.


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Professional Outcomes

Tabor’s Bachelor of Music will enable those with a demonstrated capacity in a range of musical performance styles to work professionally within music industries and/or as instrumental music instructors within schools.

This course is designed with a holistic approach to music and musical performance, so students can enter the industry with early-career professional skills in a wide variety of areas, such as performance, sound tech production, music theatre, composition and song-writing, theory, performing arts, and more.

This award leads to recognition with the Teacher’s Registration Board of SA for “Special Authority for an Unregistered Person to Teach as an Instrumental Music Instructor.” Students wishing to become a classroom music teacher will also need to complete an initial Teacher Education award, such as Tabor’s 2-year Master of Teaching.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Engage with spiritual practices and studies in a way that wrestles creatively with the importance of a holistic approach to music and musical performance 
  • Use multifaceted theoretical and aural approaches to enhance to production level the works of self and others 
  • Appropriately incorporate the distinctiveness of the historical range of musical genres into their music 
  • Engage, at an academic level, in the conversation about how culture shapes music over time 
  • Utilise innovative music technologies to evaluate and creatively enhance music in one or more of the following mediums; education, creation, performance, industry 
  • Confidently demonstrate entry-level professional skills as a music performer (as a soloist, ensemble member, or composer) for a range of audiences 
  • Critique and apply musical performance to facilitate reflexive thinking and enable the adaptable delivery of musics
  • Apply musical and communication skills to teach music practice and theory to beginning and intermediate students in a coherent, supportive, and professional manner 
  • Employ skills appropriate to an early-career professional within the music industry to develop music that engages with the changing nature of music in society
Your guide to studying online

Where can I study?

You can study on campus at Adelaide – Millswood SA, or partially online.

How long does it take?

3 years (36 months) full-time or part-time equivalent.
Completion of ‘Tabor Early Entry’ criteria (NOT dependent on ATAR)

What do I need for entry?

Qualify for mature age entry

Places will be allocated on the basis of applicant suitability assessed through audition, aural and theory tests, as well as academic results.

To book your audition, visit

Applicants will be contacted directly to arrange an audition date and time.

How much does it cost?

Learn more about
fees and available payment options.

When can I start?

Semester 1 – February
Semester 2 – July

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