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In these times Tabor graduates are needed more than ever. Tabor’s Brand Purpose refers to the fact that we want to contribute significantly to psychological, spiritual and social well-being to see a world transformed. You, our Alumni, are making that meaningful difference every day.


As a member of the Tabor Alumni Community you will have access to various benefits.   

  • Free subject audits-one subject per semester 
  • Free access to the Library’s physical resources
  • Preferential access to Free Tabor Advance Professional Development day
  • Discounts on Professional Development Workshops
  • Free access to Professional Development Resources
  • Discounts on Tabor events

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Tabor Alumni: Transforming Lives Through Meaningful Professions

Discover Tabor’s alumni making their mark as change agents in their professions and beyond. Watch now.

Ben Rowe

Lives in Adelaide, SA

Katrina Ryan

Lives in Adelaide, SA

Bec Johnson

Lives in Adelaide, SA

Elliot Keane

Lives in Adelaide, SA

Rebecca Wessels

Lives in Adelaide, SA

Rina van Schalkwyk

Lives in Adelaide, SA



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