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Student Support and Wellbeing at Tabor

Academic Support

Whether you need help with writing an assignment, accessing resources online, or juggling study with work and life, Tabor has the people and systems in place to see you through. If you’re struggling with an aspect of study, don’t hesitate to reach out us at, or visit the Student Academic Tool Kit or Digital Help Centre online. Our friendly support staff will point you in the right direction to give you the help you need! See our Academic Support Flow Chart here.

Wellbeing Conversations

At Tabor, we believe that student wellbeing is a top priority. That’s why we have a dedicated well-being officer, our Student Success and Support Coach, on hand to assist with any concerns you may have.

Our well-being officer is dedicated to facilitating community and making sure that Tabor is a welcoming and supportive place for all students. Whether you’re looking to make new friends, discover new cultures, or find exciting opportunities to get involved in, our well-being officer is here to help. Keep an eye out on our socials for updates on events and activities that will help you make the most of your time at Tabor.

Our well-being officer is also the first point of contact for generating student access plans and assisting with general student wellbeing concerns. Whether you’re struggling with academic stress, personal issues, or anything else that may be impacting your wellbeing, they are here to provide confidential support and guidance.

Booking a session with the well-being officer is easy – simply head to ‘Student Resources’ on Tabor Online and click on the ‘Student Well-being Centre’. From there, click on ‘Student Support Booking’ and you’ll be able to schedule a time to meet with them. Whether you need a one-off consultation or ongoing support, they are here to help you thrive at Tabor.

Study Enabling Assistance Allowance

The Student Enabling Assistance Allowance (SEAA) assists students facing economic hardship that becomes a debilitating factor in their capacity to study. Any financial allowance is discretionary and needs to directly contribute towards the relief of such hardship and should enable students to stay enrolled and continue in their chosen course. Students can contact their Head of Programme to apply for assistance.

Access and Inclusion

Tabor is committed to a safe, respectful and inclusive culture in which all students and staff are valued. We understand how your study may be impacted by personal circumstances, physical disability, mental health or medical conditions, and we strive to ensure that no one is unfairly disadvantaged. Our dedicated Student Success and Wellbeing officers are trained to work with students of all needs and abilities to provide a fair and supportive pathway to success. For further information call (08) 8373 8777.


Students on campus and those studying online can access personal counselling (face-to-face or via zoom) at significantly reduced rates via our Life Design Counselling Centres. For further information about Life Design counsellors, fees, to book a counselling session or any other queries visit or call (08) 8373 8707 during office hours.

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Student Support and Wellbeing

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