Kids and Parents Write together | GALLERY

Introducing Our Creative Writings Gallery

Step into the world of imagination and creativity with us as we unveil a captivating collection born from the depths of Tabor’s Kids and Parents Write Together event! 

Imagine a day filled with laughter, inspiration, and the joy of storytelling, led by Tabor’s esteemed creative writing team alongside the talented children’s authors, Rosanne Hawke and Penny Reeve. Together, participants embarked on a journey of literary discovery, learning the art of crafting tales that could whisk readers away to far-off lands, evoke spine-tingling thrills, or simply tickle the funny bone.

Now, we invite you to witness the fruits of this collective imagination, showcased in our Creative Writings Gallery. From whimsical adventures to heart-warming tales, each piece is a testament to the boundless creativity sparked during our event. So, join us as we celebrate the power of storytelling and the magic of words transformed into art! 

Once you have finished your works, we would love to publish them here for others to read. Please submit your written works in either Word, Google Doc, or PDF Form. If your works are hand-written, we would appreciate you transcribing to text. 

Please contact if you have any questions. 



inScribe Journal of Creative Writing 

inScribe is a bi-annual print journal and perennial website published and maintained by students and staff within Tabor’s Creative Writing and Communication Program.

Creative Writing Resource Page 

This page features a range of freely accessible writing resources curated by staff within Tabor’s Creative Writing and Communication Program.

Stories of Life

The annual Stories of Life writing competition and anthology was developed to help people of faith to tell their stories well and to provide a platform for the best of those stories.

Omega Writers

Omega Writers is a professional writers network aimed at educating, supporting and inspiring Australasian Christian writers towards excellence, impacting society with grace and truth. 

Tabor Creative Writing mentor program

Tabor Creative Writing Mentorship extends the Masters of Creative Writing program, providing writers with diverse resources and experiences to achieve their writing goals in any genre or purpose, such as composing a book or collection.