Be a Tabor Muso for the Day

Are you a Year 11 or 12 student with a strong passion for music? Do you dream of pursuing a career as a Music Teacher, Performer, Composer, or a Music Industry Specialist? Are you curious about what studying music at a Bachelor’s degree level entails?

Your choice of tertiary institution can significantly impact your skill development, knowledge acquisition, and career prospects. Therefore, we invite you to explore what it’s like to study music at Tabor by attending our lectures, ensembles, and workshops for a day. Experience what it’s like to “Be a Tabor Muso for a Day” and discover the opportunities that await you.


  • Wednesday, 26 July  |  9:30am – 3:00pm
  • Friday, 28 July, 2023  |  9:30am – 3:00pm

Note: Once the capacity is reached, you will be scheduled for an alternative day. We will promptly contact you to make arrangements.


Tabor Institute of Music
181 Goodwood Road Wayville SA 5034

Free Parking

Enter off Mitchell Street and park in the Orphanage Park


9:30am  Arrival. Tea/Coffee provided.

10:00am   Welcome and music games.

10:15am  Lecture: Music psychology; neuroscience and music OR

Lecture: Digital music and sound production

10:45am  Music Theory Workshop; rhythm and time signatures

11:15am  Break (Morning tea provided). Set up for ensembles.

11:30am  Ensembles

12:30pm  Lunch (BBQ supplied)

1:15pm  Masterclass; Music Performance.

2:15pm  Information session: about our program.

3:00pm  Day finishes.

What to Bring

  • Musical instrument if you would like to take part in the music ensembles.
  • Water bottle and snacks
  • Alternative food if you do not want a BBQ or if dietary requirements provided
    Note: amps, keyboards/pianos and music stands will be provided. If you are willing to sing, our choral vocal groups are the easiest ensemble to be a part of!

Information for Teachers

This day is suited to year 11 or 12 students who are keen to pursue music at Tertiary level.

There is no cost for this day and bookings are limited to one day only per school. If students do not want to play in an ensemble, they are welcome to watch instead. All the Tabor staff and students have police checks and can be provided if requested. There will be at least two staff present on that day.

Teachers are required to support students who have learning difficulties, disabilities or behavioural problems as a lot of these sessions will be run by Tabor students. We ask that teachers also sit in on the sessions and ensure your students are participating and being respectful.

If you do not have a class interested rather one or two students, they are more than welcome to come along as we have registered teachers available for supervision. The class teacher will still receive the information packs and materials which will be posted to them.


To get more information on the Tabor Institute of Music please direct students online or to our social media channels (listed below).

Tabor Institute of Music
Email: Kat Clark (Administrator): 
Phone: 8373 8777
Tabor web page
Music web page
Facebook: @taborinstituteofmusic

Instagram: @taborinstituteofmusic
Head of Music: Dr Janelle Fletcher

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