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Dr. Kirsten Macaitis

Senior Lecturer

About Kirsten

Kirsten Macaitis is a Senior Lecturer within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Tabor.

Kirsten is a passionate teacher and communicator, and enjoys engaging with students across a wide range of topics. She is also an experienced researcher in the areas of young people, sociology, spirituality and culture, and has expert research skills in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Kirsten is particularly interested in the relationship between religious and cultural experiences and how we can understand spirituality in a contemporary context.

Subjects Taught

  • Ethical Understandings
  • Exploring Practices for Spiritual Formation
  • Theological Reflection in Life and Work
  • Theories of Youth
  • Social Geographies of Youth
  • Sociology of Gender and Identity

    Recent Publications

    Wendt, S., Natalier, K., Seymour, K., King, D., & Macaitis, K. (2020). Strengthening the domestic and family violence workforce: Key questions. Australian Social Work73(2), 236-244.

    Macaitis, K. & Daughtry, P. (2016) A Storytelling Spirituality: in Daughtry, P. & Devenish, S. (eds) Burning Conversations. Spirituality for youth-work : New vocabulary, concepts and practices. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

    Hannes, K, Macaitis, K. (2012) A move to more systematic and transparent approaches in qualitative evidence synthesis: Update on a review of published papers. Qualitative Research, 12(4): 402-442.

    Mavromaras, K, King, D, Macaitis, K (2011) Finding work: Homelessness and Employment. Australian Government’s Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

    Healy, J., McDonald, I., Macaitis, K., Mavromaras, K., and Sloane, P. (2011). Research Framework and Data Strategy, Australian Government, Fair Work Australia, Research Report no. 4/11, Melbourne (ISBN 978-0-9808491-4-1).



    • Doctorate of Philosophy (Sociology) Flinders University
    • Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Hons) Sociology – First Class Flinders University
    • Bachelor of Behavioural Science Flinders University


    • Senior Lecturer


    • Has a morbid fear of collectable spoons
    • Loves musical theatre
    • Favourite food is Sandwiches

    You can contact Kirsten on 

    1300 482 267

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