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Dr Francis Ben

HEAD OF POSTGRADUATE  |   Head of leadership

About Francis

Francis is currently Postgraduate Course Coordinator and Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at Tabor. He is also Deputy Director for the Research Centre for Teachers and Teaching.

Francis’ research interests include Physics/Science Education, ICT in Education, and Measurement and Evaluation in Education. He has supervised to successful completion both Masters and PhD level research studies.

Francis is active in research and continues to publish in the following areas: The use of ICT in teaching; Examination of the utility of survey scales; and Physics/Science Education.

Francis has degrees in Engineering, Physics and Education. He has worked professionally in the industry and academically in the fields of Engineering and Physics. He has taught a range of Mathematics, Physics, Education and Educational research related subjects at the secondary and tertiary levels in Australia and internationally (in the United States, Singapore and the Philippines).


Areas of Research:

  • Science/Physics in Education
  • Measurement in Education
  • Technology in Education
  • Assessment in Education

Qualified to Supervise:

  • PhD level Research Project
  • Masters level Research Project

Subjects taught

  • Critical Reflection and Transformation
  • Christian Leadership in Education
  • Learning Environments
  • Leadership of Curriculum Design and Implementation
  • Revitalise Science and Mathematics Teaching in Schools
  • Teachers as Classroom Researchers
  • Quantitative Methodology in Educational Research
  • Professional Project in Education – Part A
  • Professional Project in Education – Part B

Recent Publications

Book Chapters

  1. Ben, F. (2020). Re-examining the utility of the Individualised Classroom Environment Questionnaire (ICEQ) using the Rasch Model. In Khine, M. S. (Ed). Rasch Measurement – Applications in Quantitative Educational Research (pp. 77-98). Singapore: Springer.
  2. Ben, F., & Alagumalai, S. (2013). Promoting Science Education for All. In Alagumalai, S., Burley, S., & Keeves, J.P. (Eds). Excellence in Scholarship: Transcending Transdisciplinarity in Teacher Education. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: SensePublishers. pp. 187-196.


  1. Price, T., Ben, F., Warren, V., & Willsmore, B. (2020). Pedagogies Enabling Redemptive Learning. Christian Schools Australia.

Journal Articles

  1. Burhanuddin, B.Ben, F.Supriyanto, A.Sunandar, A.Sunarni, S. and Sumarsono, R.B. (2024). Effects of university organizational culture on student academic behavior in Indonesia, International Journal of Educational Management, 38(2), 549-567. https://doi.org/10.1108/IJEM-11-2023-0553

  2. Neville, I. A., Petrass, L. A., & Ben, F. (2022). Cross-disciplinary teaching: A pedagogical model to support teachers in the development and implementation of outdoor learning opportunities. Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education.  https://doi.org/10.1007/s42322-022-00109-x
  3. Neville, I. A., Petrass, L. A., & Ben, F. (2021). The impact of an outdoor learning experience on the development of English creative writing skills: an action research case study for year 7 and 8 secondary school students in Australia. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, DOI: 10.1080/14729679.2021.1983445
  4. Ben, F. (2020). Forced into it: digital technologies for teaching and learning during a global pandemic. Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research, 508, 588-592.
  5. Burhanuddin, B., Ben, F., & Supriyanto, A. (2019). Improving university leadership performance through enhanced organisational culture. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, 5(4), 266-284.
  6. Burhanuddin, B. & Ben, F. (2019). Identification of organizational cultures and its effects on leadership effectiveness in Primary schools in Indonesia. International Journal of Leadership in Education, 23.
  7. Sweeney, T-A, Georg, S., & Ben, F. (2019). Home Internet Use by Eight Year-Old Children. Australian Educational Computing, 34(1), Retrieved from https://journal.acce.edu.au/index.php/AEC/article/view/206.
  8. Barrett, S. & Ben, F. (2018). Evaluating assessment in a School of Economics. Journal of Applied Learning and Teaching, 1(2), 6-14.
  9. Hailaya, W., Alagumalai, S. & Ben, F. (2014). Examining the utility of Assessment Literacy Inventory (ALI) and its portability to education systems in the Asia Pacific region. Australian Journal of Education, 58(3), 297-317.





  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master of Educational Studies
  • Master of Arts in Teaching
  • Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering)


  • Head of Postgraduate & Research
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Tabor Representative for South Australia Northern Territory Promoting Excellence Network (SANTPEN)
  • Member of the South Australian Community of Associate Deans Research in Education


  • Francis enjoys photography, aviation and tennis
  • Interested in portrait and landscape painting

You can contact Francis on 

1300 482 267

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