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Michele Symons

FACULTY Administration Manager

About Michele

Nurturing the spirit of Tabor, Michele thrives in fostering a vibrant community where both staff and students shine in their unique capacities. Serving as a steadfast administrative support, the journey involves facilitating the best for all, guided by an inherent commitment to aiding each other’s growth.

In the midst of this enriching journey, Michele is graced with the presence of two dynamic teenage boys and Roxy, the lively border collie. The awe-inspiring beauty of nature becomes a constant source of inspiration, deepening the connection within our community. Rooted in the ethos of Tabor, Michele celebrates the joy of shared moments with family and friends, finding resonance with the diverse passions that fuel the Tabor experience.

In essence, Michele stands as a reflection of Tabor’s welcoming spirit, where every interaction becomes a building block of a harmonious community, echoing the values that resonate with our students on a daily basis.



  • Faculty Administration Manager


  • Enthusiastic about fishing, recently obtained boat license
  • Eagerly anticipating the resolution of seasickness!

You can contact Michele on 

1300 482 267

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