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Olivia Kearney


About Olivia

Olivia, a dedicated counsellor and educator at Tabor, blends compassionate counselling with transformative education. In her private practice, she supports young people through diverse challenges, emphasising a systemic approach and collaborating with educational stakeholders. Olivia’s expertise in restorative practices and commitment to student and teacher well-being make her a respected figure in both private practice and academia. As a lecturer, Olivia is fuelled by a passion for empowering students to become ethical and competent practitioners, embodying a commitment to nurturing the next generation of compassionate professionals.



  • Master of Counselling Practice (MCounsPrac)
  • Bachelor of Applied Social Science (BASocSci)
  • Advanced Certificate in Clinical Supervision


  • Lecturer
  • Counsellor/Psychotherapist



You can contact Olivia on

1300 482 267

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