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Tracey Curran

Life design Manager  |  Manager, People and Culture

About Tracey

Tracey Curran, a multifaceted professional donning the roles of Life Design Manager and Manager, People and Culture at Tabor, is driven by a singular mission—to witness individuals flourish in both their personal and professional lives. Grounded in the belief in individual value, Tracey creates spaces for personal growth, recognising the integral connection between individual flourishing and team success. Beyond being a job, working at Tabor is a calling and a blessing for Tracey, who embarked on this journey with a leap of faith and has grown into roles that align with her deep sense of purpose. Through her work, Tracey actively contributes to the positive transformation of lives at Tabor, impacting students, staff, and Life Design clients on a daily basis. Committed to continuous learning, Tracey has pursued academic achievements in counselling and creative writing, reflecting her passion for personal and professional growth. Her diverse interests in art, history, travel, and property restorations further enrich her vibrant and dynamic personality.



  • Graduate Certificate in Counselling – Tabor College
  • Bachelor of Economics (Accounting) –  Flinders University
  • Diploma in Family History (Just for fun) – University of Tasmania


  • Life design Manager  |  Manager, People and Culture


  • Painting and Art, all things French including Champagne and Macarons, Travel.
  • Passionate about Baseball and Netball (but no other sports).
  • I come from a huge family and have a huge family.

You can contact Tracey on 

1300 482 267