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Vanessa Monterosso

Finance Services Manager

About Vanessa

Vanessa stands as a cornerstone in the Tabor community, serving as the Finance Services Manager since 2007. Her enduring commitment and loyalty underscore her value, contributing significantly to the stability and success of Tabor. Beyond her financial prowess, Vanessa is instrumental in cultivating an environment where loyalty, dedication, and professionalism thrive. Her extensive tenure is not just a testament to her financial acumen; it’s a reflection of her enduring commitment to the Tabor community and its mission. Vanessa’s role is more than a job; it’s a legacy of loyalty and dedication that continues to shape the Tabor community positively.




  • Bachelor of Commerce UniSA (BCom)
  • Advanced Diploma of Accounting Tafe SA


  • Finance Services Manager


  • Juggling numbers and pilates balls – my dual passion.
  • Unveiling Financial Mysteries, One Spreadsheet at a Time.
  • Tabor’s financial navigator since December 2007.
  • I enjoy being able to be helpful:
    – Turning numbers into narratives of success.
    – Transforming Finance into a friendlier experience.

You can contact Vanessa on 

1300 482 267

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