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Who we are

Tabor is a Tertiary Institution with particular expertise in the education and formation of community professionals such as pastors, teachers, counsellors, youth workers, musicians, creative communicators and intercultural workers.

We are exceptional in student support, scoring a 94% positive rating in the national student experience survey. At Tabor, we learn in community and our approach to teaching is personal, interactive and relational. We are successful in preparing our students to take concrete steps towards the fulfilment of their professional goals.

All that we are and do is infused by a Christian ethos that recognises spiritual formation as essential to flourishing in life and work. The values of this ethos include, respect and care for the individual, a disposition of hope, a commitment to social justice and equality, and environmentally responsible practices. Such expressions of practical care emerge from a biblical vision of God and God’s mission – the restoration and reconciliation of all things. The life, death, resurrection and teachings of Jesus are central to this. We welcome students of all backgrounds and dispositions into a community of learning that strives for excellence in virtue, as well as in the pursuit of knowledge and the cultivation of skills.

Our mission is to provide a transformative educational experience for those who are called to the community professions. We aim to produce graduates who embody professional excellence and the values of the Christian ethos.

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