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Accreditation and Registration

Tabor is a registered private provider of accredited courses, and is also a Commonwealth Government approved Higher Education Provider (HEP).

Tabor’s courses satisfy the national accreditation requirements of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) for its higher education courses. Information on the status of our accredited Higher Education courses can be found on the TEQSA website.

The Bachelor of Education courses offered by Tabor have been approved by the Teachers Registration Board of South Australia. Graduates of these courses are eligible for positions in both government and non-govern­ment schools in Australia and overseas.

The following Statement of Financial Standing, as required by the Higher Education Standards Framework 2015, is provided for information.

Academic Board

The Academic Board is responsible for monitoring course outcomes and ensuring that these are equivalent in standard to those of courses at the same level in a similar discipline in an Australian university.

Coursework Quality Assurance Committee & Research Quality Assurance Committee

Tabor has a Coursework Quality Assurance Committee and Research Quality Assurance Committee for the purpose of providing internal oversight and monitoring of academic standards, and reporting to academic staff and to the Academic Board on such matters.

Student Evaluation of Subjects

At the end of a subject students may be asked to complete an evaluation for that subject either online or in hard copy. Tabor utilises formal student evaluations to assist us to continuously improve our services to students.

Graduate Feedback

Tabor participates in the national Australian Graduate Survey (AGS). The AGS has been conducted annually by Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) and higher education institutions in Australia since 1972. It is the premier survey to gather graduate feedback about their higher education experiences and graduate employment outcomes in Australia. The results of this survey are compiled by GCA and published nationally, together with all Australian University results.

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