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Tabor Board of Governors

Prof Murray Gillin (Chair)

Mr Rod Hook (Deputy Chair)

Dr John Reynolds

Ms Wendy Matear

Prof Roger Harris

Dr Johan Roux

Mr Craig Need (Consultant)

Mr Brian Norcott (Staff Representative)


Tabor Academic Board Members:

Independent members:

Professor Roger Harris, (Chair) Emeritus Professor, Education Futures, University of South Australia

Dr Glenn Cupit, (Deputy Chair) Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Theology, and Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law, Flinders University (Retired)

Associate Professor Jon K Newton, Alphacrucis College, VIC

Dr Greg Restall, Lecturer in Education (TESOL), UniSA 


Executive members:
Dr Aaron Chalmers, Academic Director, Dean of MTC, Tabor

Dr Johan Roux, President (CEO), Tabor – ex-officio

Mr Peter Gray, Registrar, Tabor

Dr Tracey Price, Director of Scholarship, Dean of Education, Tabor

Dr Phil Daughtry, Dean of Students, Dean of HSS, Tabor

Dr Chris Johnstone, Faculty Representative (Perth) 



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