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Admission Criteria

Applicants with previous Higher Education study.

If you have previously studied at an Australian University or TEQSA registered Higher Education Provider, you can gain entry into any of Tabor’s Undergraduate awards. You do not need to have completed this study in order to gain entry. Completion of a recognised enabling, foundations or bridging course will also qualify you for entry into any of Tabor’s Undergraduate awards.

Tabor’s Postgraduate awards normally require a completed 3 year Undergraduate award, with some courses being specific on the type of Undergraduate award.

Applicants with completed subjects or units from an Australian University or TEQSA registered Higher Education Provider may qualify for Credit Transfer. Informal learning may be assessed and Recognition of Prior Learning granted where applicants have achieved the required learning outcomes. More information can be found in the Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning policy by clicking here.


Alternative entry for Secondary Students (no ATAR)

If you are a current student 11, 12 or 13, you can opt to apply for Tabor Early Entry (TEE) through which you may be offered a provisional place regardless of ATAR achieved. Provisional places are offered subject to the following three criteria*:

  1. Provision of a completed referee report signed by your school Year Level Co-ordinator;
  2. Achievement of a B grade average across all subjects in Year 12; and
  3. If applying for an Education degree (Primary or Secondary Teaching), achievement of a minimum B grade for one Mathematics and/or one English Subject.

*Please note: Additional non-academic requirements exist for some courses in order to gain entry.

If you are currently enrolled in studies in year 11, 12 or 13, or else are a recent Year 12 Graduate, you can apply directly to Tabor by phoning 8373 8777 to seek a provisional place in the undergraduate program of your choice.


Applicants with previous Vocational Education and Training (VET) study.

If you have a completed VET award (Cert 4 or higher) you can gain entry into most of Tabor’s Undergraduate awards. A completed Diploma is required for the Bachelor of Education (Primary), Bachelor of Education (Secondary) and Bachelor of Applied Social Science Counselling. Tabor’s Postgraduate awards normally require a completed 3 year Undergraduate award.

Applicants with recent secondary education.

If you are a recent school leaver (within the past 2 years) you can gain entry into most of Tabor’s Undergraduate awards with a South Australian ATAR of 60, though some courses require 65 or 70. Specific information can be found on the course information pages.

You may be eligible for adjustment factors to increase you ATAR. Tabor follows the same adjustment factor scheme as all the South Australian Universities.

Applicants with work and life experience.

If you do not meet any of the entry criteria listed above, you may still be able to gain entry into Tabor’s Undergraduate awards by one of the following alternative methods;

  1. Special Tertiary Admissions Test: The STAT Multiple Choice is a two hour test which evaluates skills associated with verbal and quantitative reasoning, designed to assess a range of competencies considered important for success in tertiary study. It assesses your ability to think critically and analyse the material given, rather than testing your knowledge of specific academic subjects. More information is available by clicking here.
  2. Personal Competencies Statement: You may choose to supply a personal competency statement and details of your employment experience as part of your SATAC application. Your statement will be assessed for entry into your chosen course by SATAC. More information is available by clicking here.
  3. Tabor Admissions Assessment: The TAA is an online assessment and gives an indication of your grammatical, literacy, and comprehension skills. You can gain entry into some of Tabor’s Undergraduate awards if your TAA result demonstrates aptitude to succeed in your chosen course of study. Some courses also require an interview with a member of Faculty.

Postgraduate applicants without a completed Undergraduate award, may be able to gain entry into their chosen award if they have undertaken a prolonged period of professional experience and can demonstrate they have the necessary skills and knowledge needed to achieve the learning outcomes for the award. Key considerations are relevance of work to area of study, length of time working in the area (a minimum of 5 years is required), high achievement in the role, and the role should be recent (no more than 5 years gap between professional experience and application for study).


Additional information.

Domestic applicants that hold an overseas qualification are expected to have their qualification translated into English where necessary, and have an independent assessment made of the qualification’s equivalence to Australian standards. Each Australian State assesses independently and you should contact the appropriate Department in the state where you reside. More information is available by clicking here.

All applicants for Tabor courses are expected to have an acceptable standard of proficiency in English. English language proficiency can be demonstrated in one of the following ways;

  1. Australian citizen
  2. IELTS of 6.5
  3. Completion of Year 12 delivered and assessed in English
  4. Completion of a tertiary qualification delivered and assessed in English


 How to Apply

The application process for Tabor courses is dependent upon what course you are applying for and at which campus you wish to study. Most Undergraduate courses based in Adelaide are applied for via SATAC. Most Online based Undergraduate courses and all Postgraduate courses are applied for directly to Tabor. SATAC applications can take several weeks to process, and successful applicants will be notified by SATAC. Direct applications are normally processed within 2 weeks but can sometimes take longer during peak periods. Successful applicants will be notified by Tabor.



Applicants who have been given an offer to study will be contacted by Tabor to arrange an enrolment interview. At this interview you will discuss what subjects to enrol in for your first semester. You should also discuss any Credit Transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning you wish to apply for. More information can be found in the Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning policy by clicking here.

Applicants wishing to defer the commencement of their studies can do so by filling out the Change of Enrolment form by clicking here.

Student contribution amounts for students accessing HECS, and tuition fee amounts for all other students can be found in our Fee Booklet by clicking here.


Student Profile

Applicant background Number of students Percentage of overall students
Admitted on the basis of prior Higher Education study 98 47%
Admitted on the basis of prior VET study 18 9%

Recent secondary graduate

·         admitted solely on the basis of ATAR

·         admitted on the basis of ATAR and additional criteria







Admitted on the basis of work and life experience 42 20%
Total 208 100%


Further Information

The TEQSA national register of Higher Education providers

The Quality Indicators for Teaching and Learning website

The South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre

Tabor’s appeals and grievance policy        

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