Centre of Christian Spirituality for Human Flourishing

The Centre exists to promote the fullness of life that is at the heart of the mission of Christ (John 10:10).

Our aim is to:

  • Create a forum on Spirituality and the human condition, from a Christian perspective 
  • Contribute to the Spiritual renewal of the Christian community
  • Communicate the relevance of Christian Spirituality to the broader community

About the Centre:

The Tabor Centre of Christian Spirituality for Human Flourishing synergises, maximises and publicises the distinctly Christian approach to Spirituality offered at the Institution, to students, the Christian community and society at large. 

The Centre is guided and developed through the work of a cross-faculty team who are recognised through scholarship, teaching and/or community engagement in the areas of Christian Spirituality studies and practice for human flourishing. 

The team is led by the co-directors who facilitate, guide and shape the work of the Centre.


Contemplative Corner

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