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Monica Bath

finance services officer

About Monica

Monica enjoys working with a wonderful bunch of people – both within her department and outside of it!

Outside of work (and pre-COVID) Monica is interested in taking her family to out-of-the-way places to see and explore life beyond her neighbourhood. When possible, she wishes to travel to Zambia in Southern Africa.

Monica is keen to challenge and stretch the life experiences of her children so they can better understand and appreciate the wider world with all its joys and challenges.




  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting (TAFE)


  • Finance Services Officer


  • I have been known to show people my home screen and remark on the handsomeness of Oskar (and as a ‘by the way’…the other three are my children).
  • I do like to keep Brian focussed on the important things at Tabor such as food, staff mindfulness and jumpy castles.
  • I love food, family, walking, silence

You can contact Monica on

 1300 482 267

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