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Tim Mullen

Head of Youth Work

 About Tim

Tim Mullen is the Head of Youth Work. Tim has had 10 years of experience in Chaplaincy – across various primary and secondary schools in Western Australia. Tim has extensive experience in church youth ministry, cross-cultural young adult ministry, and secular youth work – both locally and abroad. Tim completed his Masters of Social Science in 2020 at Edith Cowan University, researching how young adults in Perth experience the church – both those who have left and those who have stayed. Tim’s passions include youth spirituality, the position of the church in helping young people find meaning and belonging, and the rights of young people.

Subjects Taught

  • Theory and Practice of Youth Work
  • Human Services and Case Managment




  • Master of Social Science (MSoSc)
  • Bachelor of Social Science with a major in Youth Work (BSoSC(YthWk)
  • Graduate Certificate in Divinity (GradCertDiv)


  • Head of Youth Work
  • Perth Campus Manager


  • I host two podcasts: Youth Ministry Misfits; Youth, Violence and Crime

  • I’ve been an extra in a movie when I was a teenager – Thunderstruck (the movie about AC/DC)

  • I have a fear of heights, but also equally love going on planes and climbing! (work that one out)

  • I love going off-roading in my 4×4 with my family

  • I enjoy art – particularly using mediums of pencil and watercolour (preferably together!)

  • I enjoy going camping in beautiful places (especially if there’s a waterfall involved!)


Perth, WA

Currenty studying

A PhD with a focus on young people and church-based youth work

You can contact Tim on 

1300 482 267

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