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Dr Tracey Price


About Tracey

In a previous life Tracey was a correctional officer in maximum security, male prisons (possibly a reason why there were so few behavioural issues in her classroom!) She also spent 15 years as a Secondary Teacher of English Studies, Politics and Religion in Independent schools.

Whether classroom teaching or lecturing or in professional development seminars, Tracey is well regarded for her highly relational and interactive teaching style that challenges herself and others to critical and ‘outside the box’ thinking, as well as reflective attention to, and ongoing development of, personal and professional characteristics, values and integrity.

Tracey’s teaching is particularly influenced by Paulo Freire’s theory of Critical Pedagogy, the spiritual concepts of Justice, Mercy and Humility (Micah 6:8), and Parker Palmer’s concepts of authentic and hospitable pedagogy; ‘We teach who we are’ (2010, p.2).


Areas of Research:

  • Education
  • Justice in education
  • Faith based education studies

Qualified to Supervise:

  • Masters level Research Project

Subjects taughts

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching in Public Education
  • Ethical Understandings
  • Integrating Spirituality, Justice and Education

Recent Publications

Price, T., Warren, V., Ben, F., & Willsmore, B. (2020). PeRL. Pedagogies enabling Redemptive Learning. (Resource & Field Guide). CSA National: Australia.

Price, T. (2019). ‘Just Teaching’ or ‘just’ Teaching. Lecture presented as part of Doctoral Lecture Series. 27th September 2019. Tabor College of Higher Education: Adelaide, SA.

Price, T. (2018). ‘Teaching Justly for Justice (with a nod to critical Pedagogy)’. Thinker. Issue 1, October. Tabor College of Higher Education: Adelaide, SA

Price, T. (2016) ‘Conceptual Understandings of Justice: Enhancing the Human Flourishing Work of Youth Work Practitioners.’ In Phil Daughtry & Stuart Devenish (Eds.) Spirituality in Youth Work: new vocabularies, concepts and practices. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Ch. 8, pp. 137-167.

Ben, F., Price, T., Morrison, C., Warren, V., Gollan, W., Dunbar, R., Davies, F. & Sorrell, M. (2016). Overall student satisfaction at Tabor School of Education: an examination of key factors based on the AUSSE SEQ. In Proceedings of ICEPSS 2016: 18th International Conference on Education, Policy and Social Sciences. Osaka, Japan, 10-11 October 2016.

Doctoral Thesis: An investigation of teacher understandings of justice in the context of evangelical Christian schooling.

Citation: In an Australian context and through a critical theory framework, this research into teachers’ understandings of justice investigates and challenges hegemonic concepts of justice, teachers’ understandings of justice, and the nature of beliefs about justice in evangelical Christian schooling. This thesis contends that, through liberating praxis, conscientization and humanization, Freire’s (2011) critical pedagogy provides a positively subversive approach to develop teacher understandings of justice and enhance the transformational efficacy of education. Critical pedagogy enables teachers to more effectively engage in teaching both transformationally and justly for justice. Just pedagogy legitimises teacher and student shared learning, and enables just understandings that can recognise, contextualise and challenge injustices of constraint and illegitimate use of power in a neoliberal society.

Ireland, Amy. (2017). ‘An Unlikely Rescuer’ in Cooper, J & Worthing, M. (Eds). The Gecko Renewal and other stories of Life. Morning Star Publishing: Melbourne, Australia.



  • Doctorate of Education
  • Master of Education
  • Bachelor of Arts (English and Politics) (Honours)
  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Diploma of Freelance Journalism


  • Dean (Faculty of Education)
  • Director of Scholarship
  • Senior Lecturer


  • Tracey is a trained hostage negotiator
  • Her favourite band is Hootie and the Blowfish
  • Interested in Justice, ethics, hospitality, authentic pedagogy and mindfulness

You can contact Tracey on 

1300 482 267

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